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Good True Blood Graphics

Community where you can find the best grapics about TB

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Welcome to good_trueblood! This is a community where people can post the best graphics connected to HBO's series - "True Blood", based on Charlaine Harris' novels. This community is members-invitations only. It means that you have to fill in THE Application to have access to post here your work. We will only accept really good graphics. We're looking for creativitye and novelty and really good execution. You can put here icons, headers, wallpapers, fanvids, other fan arts and everything that will come to your mind. Everything about the series, characters/actors.

1. NO requests.
2. Please be respectful when taking other people's icons. Follow THEIR rules as well as ours. There is NO bashing on this site.
3. When posting, please put a teaser with 2-3 icons and/or miniature of your graphic. Everything else should be under a cut (direct to your journal or this) IF POSTING A FAKE CUT, PLEASE MAKE THE LINK POP-UP INTO A NEW WINDOW. Remeber if you have friends only journal make your icon-post avalilable to see for not friends.
4. NO SPOILERS! (you can post them after 24h from airing the episode in U.S.) It doesn't includes promo pictures.
5. Please use TAGS! (like: icons, animations, videos, wallpapers...)
6. If you won't get in don't pissed off it doesn't mean that you won't get ever...
7. When taking icons/headers etc. please be respectful of the individual posters rules. Remember to always credit properly.
8. Please don't apply if you're not going to post. Just watch the community if you want to snag stuff.


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